Posted by: travelrat | March 18, 2009

Learning by Rote

I wonder if they still teach things in parrot-fashion, or by rote in schools. On Day One, they had us chanting: ‘Wantoo wiz too, tootoo zar for …’ even though it would be a good three months before we realised what it actually meant.

Even well into secondary school, we were mumbling ‘Noo zalon, voo zalay. eel vaun, el vaun’ … and then, it was years before I realised that, with the exception of the French, nobody gave a rat’s hindquarters what case or tense you used, as long as they understood what you were saying.

Mind you, once you’ve had stuff drilled into you this way, you’ll never forget it. Take those cinema ads. We went to ‘the pictures’ at least once a week; twice, if there was anything good on midweek, and we didn’t have too much homework. And, always, there was this ad before the picture; we sometimes joined in, along with the sound-track:

The fantastic turning circle of the new Triumph Herald is just one of the superb features that make this car a new experience in motoring. For a free trial run, come and see us’ … followed by a slide with the local Triumph dealer’s name.

And, here it is! The ‘new experience’ in motoring!




  1. Love the new experience in motoring. 😆
    Very cute car, mind you!

    • Our neighbours had a red Herald convertible I always coveted, but couldn’t afford at the time. I believe that it was quite a revolutionary car for its time; it was one of the first production-line cars with independent all-round suspension … (???)

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