Posted by: travelrat | February 18, 2009

Regimental Badges



 The other day, I went down to photograph the Regimental Badges at Fovant, on the other side of Salisbury. These are the third of the ‘trilogy’  of hill carvings around here; I’ve already posted about the ‘Bulford Kiwi’ and the ANZAC Memorial, at Codford; this would ‘complete the set’.

They were difficult to photograph for two reasons … the first was that there was still snow on the hill, which made them less obtrusive. The second was that, to get them all in, I needed to either move such a distance away or use such a wide-angle setting that the badges would be almost indiscernible.
 The best angle is probably an air shot, like on

. There’s lots of information about the badges there, too, which I don’t want to write too much about at the moment, for fear of seeming to plagiarise this excellent site. Or, if you have Google Earth, you can see them well at 51°03’16.11″N 1°58’39.10″W
Video would probably be best way to capture images of the badges to show you. Or, I had the idea of putting ‘Long Tom’ on my film camera, and making a David Hockney-type ‘joiner’ from the prints.  
But, that can wait until the snow’s gone; meanwhile, here’s the best of the ones I took.



(‘Post Office Rifles’!!! I had visions of our local ‘stamp dragon’ in a tin hat, brandishing a Lee-Enfield)





  1. How incredible. Some of those would have been difficult to carve. I think it’s fantastic that they’re there. Can’t wait for the ‘Joiner’ series!

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