Posted by: travelrat | February 16, 2009

Walks at Gredos


Gredos: 30th September 2008

This morning, the lady I had my first ‘One to One’ with asked me to show her the way to the river. I’ve already posted about this walk on a previous visit, and it’s on the first video I posted about Gredos, too.

Later in the morning, I hooked up with a Spaniard who had been to Gredos before. Do you know of somewhere else we can walk? he asked. I’m getting rather bored with walking down to the river.

I’ve already mentioned the walk I explored to the north and west of the hotel, and its rather squalid and messy lower levels. But, we didn’t have to go all the way down there. Since neither of us could talk and walk quickly, we probably wouldn’t have time, anyway. And, of course, the main purpose of the exercise is to talk.

Before you descend to the river, though, the walk is quite pleasant, and allows quite a bit of standing-and-staring and horse-stroking time. In fact, it’s more than ‘quite pleasant’ … the photograph on my desktop wallpaper was taken on that path.

The path led past whitewashed and tiled barns and farm buildings. We also passed a house with a lovely garden. But, it looked a little bit too manicured and tidy to be lived and worked in. Maybe it was a weekend residence, or something?

That afternoon, we ‘boldly went where no man has been before’. I’d noticed a track to the east of the road, and Mina and I followed it a way, through fields and orchards. Mina was a little worried that we might be trespassing, but we got a cheery wave and a ‘Hola!’ from some men working in the fields, so I assume it was all right.

Mina thought the track led eventually to Barco de Avila but, of course, it was too far away to reach. Maybe, though, on a future occasion, it might prove an acceptable alternative to walking along the road for our afternoon there?



  1. What a glorious sky in that photo. The clouds look as if they have been painted there. I always prefer the track to the road – so many more interesting things to see!

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