Posted by: travelrat | February 13, 2009

Snow Slide Show

I don’t want to turn this into a rant bout how Britain shudders to a halt as soon as three flakes of snow fall. Nor do I want to discuss how those responsible run around like headless chickens wailing ‘Unprecedented’, ‘Disruption’ and things, for an amount of snow that Canadians, Scandinavians, some Americans and those who live in Alpine countries would laugh at. But, I see I just did.

The excuse that we don’t know how to deal with it because we don’t get enough practice could be applied to photographing the stuff, too. So, now I’ve got it all together, and the snow is almost gone, herewith the Snow Slide Show.

I make no excuse for repeating some scenes. That’s to show how the light can change after only a few minutes. I photographed Stonehenge in a howling blizzard; in less than ten minutes, it passed over, and the sun came out. At Old Sarum the following day, I was just about to pack up and leave, when, once more, the clouds parted and the sun came out.

It shows, I think, how your picture can sometimes change completely if you only wait a few moments.


  1. I love DC, I do I do. But when it snows, I want to kill myself. It’s not like it doesn’t snow in DC because it does so I’m not quite sure why the smartest people in the world suddenly become retarded when the snow starts. I’m pretty sure most of the accidents are caused by diplomats with immunity! People abandon their cars on the freeway! Movie theatre close! Why the district won’t purchase proper snow remover equipment is beyond me.

  2. >>Why the district won’t purchase proper snow remover equipment is beyond me.<<

    Same reason as us, I suspect … the councils don’t want to spend money on something that’s going to be parked up in the Council yard for 50 weeks in a year.

    In the Air Force, most of our stuff was detachable or trailer-mounted, so the truck could be used for something else when it wasn’t snowing.

  3. Some glorious shots there. I do like the ones by the river and of the little wooden bridge (or is it a walkway?). The poor pony looks a little cold. Made me wish for a bit of snow!

    • It’s a walkway across the ditch to the entrance of the inner castle. I suspect there may once have been a drawbridge there ??

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