Posted by: travelrat | February 8, 2009

More Snow Pictures

I don’t normally post on a Sunday, but this week, I’ll make an exception. Part of the reason I wanted to share some of the pictures I took yesterday; the rest is there isn’t much else to do. I do really want to go up to Avebury, to take some pictures of those stones under snow, for the slide show I’m going to make up later.

Unfortunately, there’s a very restricted bus service on a Sunday, and I don’t want to take the car for there’s more snow forecast around mid-day, and I don’t want to get stuck.

The picture of Salisbury Cathedral was inspired (no pun intended!) by the classic picture taken from that point by the late Steve Day in the early 1990s … but, there was a lot more snow in Steve’s picture; he used to get up really early!



  1. Good thing you posted on a Sunday. It made me discover an excellent travel blog that is fun to read 🙂

    • Thank you!

      I hope you’ll visit again. I had a look at your blog, and it’s really excellent; all sorts of places I always wanted to go. I’ll be putting a link in my blogroll as soon as I’ve taken care of a little business.

  2. Excellent photos and MyPhotoScout is right, your blog is great!!!

  3. Have you seen his blog yet? Super photos and some useful tips.

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