Posted by: travelrat | February 2, 2009

Arrival at Gredos


Gredos: 28th September 2008

They say ‘Never go back’. To be more correct, Patty says ‘Never Go Back’, but she’s a bit of a ‘been there; done that’ freak. I’m the opposite. I feel that if you like a place, it’s worth re-visiting. And, if you go at a different time of year, that’s a huge bonus.

As readers of these chronicles will know, I’ve been to Gredos before, in the early summer of 2007. And, I’m going again in March. There’s always a new angle to the place, though, and a whole set of different people to meet. I’d be a pretty poor sort of writer, I think, if I couldn’t find it.

The first difference I noted was that the negotiation of the vicious hairpin bend in Barco de Avila had been made a lot easier by the introduction of a mini-roundabout. When we approached the hotel, I saw the magnificent house was almost obscured by the trees in front of it. For a photographer, that’s a ready-made excuse to return when those trees aren’t in leaf.

This time, my room was in the main building, up in the garret. Isn’t there another word for this? ‘Garret’ sounds so squalid, which the Hotel Puerta de Gredos decidedly is not. I did have a bad moment, though, for this was an end room, and didn’t have an attic window. I was just about to call Marisa, and ask for another room, when I saw it had a skylight, instead. I didn’t see it at first, because the blind over it was almost the same colour as the ceiling.

So, I plugged in my Netbook, checked my email and caught an hour’s ‘Egyptian Aerobics’ before 5pm. when we started work in earnest.


  1. I’m all for that. I do think if you’ve enjoyed visiting somewhere before that there is no reason not to visit it again. It looks lovely.

  2. I agree, Keith. Returning to a place at different times of year gives a rounder perspective. But, it’s also good to go to new places, so if we can do both, even better!

    • It looks like the Vaughantown people agree, too … they’ve started to use a new centre in Salamanca instead of Monfragüe. I’m hoping to get there later in the year, depending on how the ‘travel money’ holds out.

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