Posted by: travelrat | January 16, 2009

Natural Sculpture


The traditional idea of a sculptor is an artist who takes a block of stone, wood, ice, chocolate or whatever, and shapes it to his or her specifications. He’ll finish up with an image of the Prime Minister, his pet dog, a ship or a parrot; whatever he set out to make in the first place.

 However, Mother Nature herself is no slouch when it comes to this kind of thing. As you can see from my pictures, she can produce some pretty fantastic stuff without any human intervention whatsoever.


  1. Isn’t that amazing? It really looks like someone put it there. It seems so carefully placed. I love it!!

    • The one in the big picture can be anything your imagination dictates. I thought of a goose taking flight, a woman on a diving board, Concorde and ‘Skydiver’ (a submarine with an aeroplane for a nose-cone, in a 60s TV show) within five minutes.

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