Posted by: travelrat | January 9, 2009

Spain Again

dsc_0104Today, I finished putting my travel arrangements in place for my next Vaughantown programme. It’ll be from the 8th-13th March, and I plan to arrive in Madrid a day early. I have one or two things I want to do, and should definitely make the tapas party on Saturday night, while there’s still some left.

Of course, there’ll be a photo slide show; that’s a given, because I shall have a new set of people to photograph. But, video? I don’t want it to be too much of a repeat of what I’ve posted already, so I’ll be looking for a different angle. Any suggestions welcome!

We won’t, alas, have ‘Crabmeat’ on this session. But, I’ve had so many requests for more of his work, so, for another dose of ‘Crabmeat’, go to


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  2. Thanks for the Crabmeat clip. He really is brilliant!!!

    • I taught him the ‘adult version’ of ‘Sweet Violets’ … I wonder if he’ll ever make video of that and put it on YouTube?

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