Posted by: travelrat | December 26, 2008

The New Front Door


A few months ago, Selma, over at ‘Selma in the City’ posted at about front doors. Are they, we thought, a reflection of the personality of the owner? Warm and welcoming, or private and forbidding? Not in my case, I didn’t think. Like several people, our front door didn’t really show the kind of place this was, or the kind of people we were. If anything, it demonstrated the character and tastes of the previous owner, which were nothing like ours. Indeed, the first thing we did when we bought the place was redecorate throughout, and replace the carpets.

The front door took a little bit longer … twelve years, to be precise. And, it wasn’t replaced only for cosmetic reasons, or even for the fact that we had the only wooden porch and front door in the street. Everyone else seems to have opted for white PVC.


I did want the extra security; I’ve long been conscious that it’s easier to break into my house than into my car. But, I didn’t want to appear too paranoid about it. One thing I do have to do when I have a minute, though, is nip down to the police station or council offices, and pick up one of those stickers saying cold callers are not welcome. And get a house number from the hardware shop. As an aside, I wonder if we’ll ever get notices like the Australian ones saying the letter box is only for letters? If we made our own, how can we word it so as not to discourage the Avon lady?

So, this is what I chose. It’s rather a pity that the bush had to be seriously cut back, but I think it’ll grow again.




  1. YAY. I finally got to see the new door. I really like it. It has really freshened everything up. Your house looks really smart. Thanks so much for posting this!!!

    • You’d like this bit … I went down to the hardware shop yesterday to buy a new house number, and the assistant told me they were offering a ‘Buy one, get one free’ offer, and I could have another.

      I said I lived at No. 5, not No. 55 and she said it doesn’t have to be the same number.

      ‘But, I suppose, in your case ….. !!!’

  2. Ohhh. I like it! It’s much less formidable and a bit more inviting. Sorry about the bush but you’re right… it will grow back to its youthful glory soon enough.

    • I hope so … I’ve had neighbours I hardly know asking ‘What happened to that lovely bush?’ and not even noticing the new door and porch.

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