Posted by: travelrat | December 22, 2008

Around Pointe Percée


St, Jean de Sixt; 20th September 2008

Today was another good walk, but there wasn’t. so much up and down as yesterday. We started at the top of a pass called Col des Annes, which was most of the uphill work already dealt with, and most of the rest of the way was a ridge walk.

But first, while we were waiting for the (inevitable??) morning mist to clear, I was able to pay a quick visit to a farm on the pass that made and sold Reblochon cheese, and photograph it being stored.

Much of the morning’s walk coincided with the route of the Tour des Aravis, a circular walking routs, marked with the red and yellow rings of a Grande Randonnée du Pays, or medium-distance footpath. It took us through the limestone pavement on the slopes of Point Percée. Here, I congratulated myself for NOT saying there were much better limestone formations in the Craven District of Yorkshire.

We descended to an upland farm called Le Planet, where we found a space on a headland clear of cow-pats for lunch. John had been unable to come and meet us that day, so we had to carry lunch-packs, and once more, the kitchen staff excelled themselves. ‘Cheese sandwich’ is such an inadequate description for the crusty baton filled with Reblochon and Tomme.

The ham baton was just as good, but I just couldn’t manage it at lunch-time. Mindful of yesterday’s effort to get going again after lunch, I saved it to eat in the minibus on the way back.

After lunch, we walked along an arête … but nothing like Striding Edge or similar at home. This one was wooded most of the way, but with an almost sheer drop into the valley below.

And I reflected it was maybe a good thing we didn’t do this walk in Spring, or I’d have been stopping every ten metres to photograph the wild flowers we would have passed, especially the ones in the limestone formations.


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  2. It just sounds idyllic. I am enjoying hearing about this trip so much. And dreaming of the cheese…..

  3. I loved that trip … I have photos of it as a slide-show on my screen-saver. Just the thing for these damp, grey days!

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