Posted by: travelrat | December 3, 2008

More About Audio Guides

Photo courtesy Tim Gillett

Photo courtesy Tim Gillett




I spend a lot of time at the World Travel Market looking for faces I know, and checking name-tags for names I recognise, but can’t put a face to. One person I finally got to meet was Tim Gillett, on the Tourist Tracks stand. You may remember I posted about Tourist Tracks at, when I ‘test-drove’ one of their audio guides on a CD around Bath.

I’ve since acquired an MP3 player, but, if you don’t have one, or even a CD player, Tim now offers a device called a Mi-vox, who also do a range of ‘talking books’. This is a pre-loaded player giving an audio commentary about the city of your choice. What you get is the player, batteries, and two headsets and an adaptor, and it costs £19.99. You can’t, though, when finished with it, wipe it and record your own stuff on it; you either keep it for a souvenir, pass it on to someone else, or send it back for recycling.

However, it’s hoped that they will also be bought by hotels, TICs and the like, for renting out to those who need them. More information at

I had an email from Lawrence Saliba, whose audio guide to Valletta, Malta, I posted about at . He told me about his latest free e-books, which are available at

Finally, I must mention ‘Podtourz’, who left a comment on one of my Stonehenge posts, telling me about an audio tour of the Stonehenge landscape available at

Be warned, however, that I haven’t checked this one out, so I can’t answer for its quality or otherwise. But, it does say that the tour does NOT actually enter the circle … if you decide to do so, English Heritage will lend you an audio guide as part of your admission fee.


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  2. Nice info, Keith.

    BTW, I like the new pics on the header of your blog—make it very personal.

  3. Well, the ‘old’ header picture was starting to wear a bit, but I didn’t want to change the theme. But then, while playing around with WordPress, I found out how to change the header without affecting the theme.

    I will change it again from time to time, but not too often.

  4. I really appreciate the info too. Always such interesting stuff here!

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