Posted by: travelrat | November 24, 2008

Sound and Light


Port el Kantaoui 19th June 2008

On our last evening in Tunisia, we went to what they called an ‘Alzahra Evening’ at Kalla Kbira.

‘Where’s Kalla Kbira, then? And, what’s an Alzahra Evening?’

‘Says here it’s a Tunisian banquet and a Sound and Light show’

‘Oh, not another Tunisian banquet!’

However, even if you’re completely banqueted out, it’s worth a visit for the light show alone. Kalla Kbira is a mock-up of a desert fort and, on arrival, my heart sank. The coach park looked like the one at Wembley Stadium on Cup Final day.

But, Kalla Kbira can absorb them all. We wandered around the grounds, where we saw a re-enactment of a Tunisian wedding, and watched displays of horsemanship, dancing, acrobatics and, as night fell, fire-eating. And, all the people demonstrating these would take part in the light show later.

Considering the amount of people there, we were taken in for dinner and served with a remarkable efficiency. Granted, the dining room was about the size of an airport concourse, and we couldn’t see the dancers on the stage. But, their images were projected on to giant TV screens at each end of the hall.

Then, we went out to the open-air auditorium to watch the light show. What can I say about this? By means of lights, actors, riders and sound effects, they gave us a potted history of Tunisia. While I’m not going to stick my neck out, and say it’s the best I’ve ever seen … those at Abu Simbel and Philae give it a pretty good run … but it’s close to it.



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  3. That first shot is amazing. WOW. The places you have seen. You should have your own travel show on TV!

  4. Can you call 10-minute video clips on a website a TV show? I’m working on that right now, but it’s early days, and a lot of obstacles to overcome before it happens … if it does.

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