Posted by: travelrat | November 17, 2008

Sidi bou Said


Tunis, 17th June 2008 (Continued)

We rounded off our visit to Tunis with a call at Sidi bou Said, another better suburb of the city. During all of our stay in Tunisia, people kept pointing out where films were made. I don’t know if any were ever made at Sidi bou Said … but they ought to be.

Certainly, there’s the usual tourist stalls, but they sell a better style of craft-work than those elsewhere. But, we weren’t really here to buy, just wander the streets of pristine whitewashed houses with the woodwork picked out, always in blue. And have a coffee, and take lots of pictures, of course.

I wondered if there was any particular reason for this blue and white colour scheme. I know they originally did it as an act of patriotism in the Dodecanese Islands. Under Turkish rule, they weren’t allowed to fly the Greek flag, so they painted their houses in its colours, instead.

Another place Sidi bou Said made me think of was Portmeirion, in Wales, where they filmed the cult TV series ‘The Prisoner’ … maybe this is what made me think of film sets?


  1. I absolutely love the whitewashed walls. What a stunning place to live. And that blue door is just gorgeous. I would be walking around going: ‘Look at that. Look at that!’ Totally lovely.

  2. What I liked was its ability to sort of absorb visitors.

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