Posted by: travelrat | October 24, 2008

Autumn Leaves


Within the last few days, I’ve had emails from my friends in both France and Spain saying that I should have deferred my visits for a couple of weeks. Both said something to the effect of:

‘The leaves are lovely! You would have got some great pictures!’


Actually, we haven’t done too badly around here for autumn colours. They say it’s a combination of the early Spring, the wet Summer and the cold nights. It’s a bit grey and gloomy today, but the last few days have been glorious, and I haven’t walked two paces from my house without taking a camera with me.

There was a lady on the radio this morning who said the colours are the best she’s seen for over 30 years … and she grew up in Vermont.

The thing that gets me around this time of year is that, although there are plenty of paintings and photographs of trees in their autumn colours, there’s very little in other media. Vivaldi’s Autumn, of course, and Autumn Concerto … but most of the songs I hear are usually about an old man lamenting the passing of his years.

Or, poetry. If I’ve seen ‘Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness …’ quoted in the last couple of weeks once, I’ve seen it five times. Didn’t anyone except Keats write poetry about the Autumn?

(Come to think of it, someone did … I just remembered a few almost forgotten lines about walking among fallen leaves in the Tuileries gardens with a cousin … but they were in French!)

I note I’ve had quite a few visitors to an old post called ‘Tapas’ in the last few days. For a mouth-watering description, and some excellent photographs of tapas, go to


  1. Well, you also have the old jazz standard ‘Autumn Leaves’ and then there’s ‘Autumn in New York.’ However, I agree with you, considering it is such a beautiful time, the literary and artistic tributes are few and far between.

  2. I’ve always associated a certain tristesse with ‘Autumn Leaves’ … it should be played on a solo saxophone in a lonely city flat, with the rain pouring down outside!

    I put another picture in this week’s ‘Pic of the Week’ … I’ve nearly filled my memory card this week!

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