Posted by: travelrat | October 20, 2008

A Tunisian Barbecue

Port el Kantaoui 16th June 2008.
Ever since we went to the Tunisian Barbecue, I’ve been trying to remember a word. I saw it some time ago; I can’t remember where. But, in the context it was used, it means a lamb roast … it sounds vaguely French or Italian, and it may have come through one of those languages from Arabic … and it might have begun with an M.

But, a lamb roast we had, and lovely succulent lamb, too. Plus, a generous kebab … I’d call it a souvlakia, because it was almost identical to the Greek dish … truly, cooking around the Mediterranean is cuisine sans frontières. And cous-cous and roasted vegetables, with a brik for a starter. (I described these 2 weeks ago, in the post ‘Africa … in Africa’)

I’d hesitate to use the word ‘barbecue’ to describe such fare. That word conjures up visions of the British alpha male, seeing in how short a time he can reduce prime steak to pure carbon. But, that’s in Britain … our excuse is the weather is seldom good enough for us to practise.

In other countries, it’s different. Greece, Turkey and Jordan can all offer some good char-grilled stuff. In Australia, it’s almost a religion. Telling the average Aussie his barbie is pants (it rarely is) is like saying he’s a lousy driver, or he’s no good in bed.

But, Tunisia! Under a Tunisian moon, with a belly-dancer doing the floor show, that’s one of the best barbies I’ve ever been to. What did we have for dessert? I really don’t remember what was offered; I couldn’t have managed one after such a feed, anyway!





  1. That barbecue is so quaint and gorgeous. The food looks fantastic. You’re right about the Aussies and their barbies – they can get a little carried away!

  2. There was one guy who claimed the barbie wasn’t authentic, because the chef used charcoal.

    For the ‘genuine Bedouin’ article he should have used dried camel dung.

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