Posted by: travelrat | October 13, 2008

To Market, to Market ….

Souss, 15th June 2008

Today is market day in nearby Souss. Following recommendations, we went first to the Kamel Market; (it’s named (presumably) after somebody called Kamel, not the smelly beast with the hump). We didn’t stay long, It’s the market that the local people use, and it was crowded. The London Underground at rush hour seems comparatively peaceful.

We dived into the jostling throng, and I came out without my wallet. Whether it was stolen, or I just dropped it, I can’t say, but it only contained a credit card, which I cancelled immediately, my driving licence (easily replaced) and an English £5 note.

Now, this could have been a major disaster, if not for some precautions I take when travelling.

I only had enough money as I estimated I’d need, and this is kept separate from my ‘papers’. I have two credit cards; one was safely in the hotel safe, with my passport and a few other ‘mustn’t lose’ items. And, the credit card companies hand out key fobs and stickers, with the emergency phone numbers on them … and one of those stickers is stuck to the back of my mobile phone.

The credit card people were marvellous. We’ll stop your card right away, they said. How are you off for money? Can we wire you some?

The police corporal we saw was equally helpful. Do you want a crime number for your insurance company? You told your credit card company? Good! If anyone tries to use your card in Tunisia, he will be arrested!

I did have a vision of a Tunisian tea-leaf trying to ‘spend’ my Cafe Mondo loyalty card (printed on the back of a facsimile 1000 lire note), though.

The Medina, or town centre is relatively busy, but much quieter by comparison. The shops lining the narrow, tunnel-like streets were offering more touristy stuff. But, there were goods for the local people there, too. And, lots of opportunities for photography. I’m getting quite a collection of pictures of market stalls in various places.

Looking at my stats this morning, I see ‘The Stonehenge Bus’ has overtaken ‘The Débod Temple’ for the No. 3 slot. I’m just wondering what I can ask for from the Wilts & Dorset bus company; since I’m over 60, I get to ride on their buses for free, anyway!


  1. Sorry to hear about your wallet. I am impressed with the prompt help you received. I guess getting robbed is always a possibility when you travel. You seem so calm about it.

    Congrats on doing so well with the Bus Ride post. You definitely need some kind of endorsement from the bus company. You should send them a link to your post!

  2. I remember when my uncle came to see me in the 60s … he had his pocket picked, and his wallet went with EVERYTHING in it.

    He was absolutely distraught … I had to drive him home and lend him £10 (a lot of money in those days) to tide him over.

    So, I’ve always kept my stuff in two wallets; never used my back pocket or inside pocket to keep them in, and only carried enough cash for my immediate needs.

    It paid off … the only real inconvenience was the loss of one of my credit cards … and, as you probably know, a British credit card is almost useless if you don’t know the PIN.

    Therefore, there was really no major drama … and, I must emphasise; I don’t KNOW it was stolen … I may inadvertently have dropped it in the crowd.

  3. Fantastic advice, but what if they steal your phone?! 😉

    • Have you seen my phone?

      Just a basic pay as you go; can only phone and text, cost about £20, and I don’t think even the most hardened sinner would steal that!

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