Posted by: travelrat | September 26, 2008

Off Again

This week has been rather a busy one, It seems that, no sooner had I unpacked, and I have to pack again for Spain. Not that I’m complaining; I rather like it like this. And, over the last few years, a major hassle has been removed. I no longer have to change any francs I have left over back into pounds, then into pesetas.

I just put any unused euros back into my wallet until the next time I need them. They even accepted euros at Geneva Airport … where they still, officially, use Swiss francs. Not that it was an issue … the coffee was only a ‘boredom coffee’ that I could have done without, if need be.

It would be even less hassle if Britain had joined the euro when it was first launched, but that’s looking at it with 20/20 hindsight. At the time, the general public (myself included), the politicos and the money bunnies all thought it wasn’t the best idea. Of course, events proved them wrong … but who’s right all the time?

At the Puerta de Gredos Hotel, where I’m staying once more, there’s no wi-fi, but there is LAN access. So, I’ve just been into town to buy a LAN cable … if it works, I’ll still be able to post while I’m away.

If it doesn’t work … see you a week on Sunday!

Rather than post a rather boring picture of a euro (I refuse to capitalise it as some do) I’ll leave you with a picture from the Haut Savoie,




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  2. You lead such an exciting life. Reading your blog is a breath of fresh air!

  3. One of these days I will travel as much as you and lead a life of leisure. Until then, I’ll spend as much time on the beach as possible and road trip here in the States. I may just find myself in Tombstone, AZ,… just for the fun of it.

  4. Well, I do have to ‘sing for my supper’ on most of my trips … but I don’t know of any law that says work can’t be fun!

    (After 18 months working in a boatyard, 36 years in the Air Force and 12 years as a freelance writer, my uncle still keeps asking when I’m going to get a ‘proper’ job!)

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