Posted by: travelrat | September 24, 2008

St. Jean de Sixt

Like I said earlier, I’m going to launch into posting about my trip to the Haut Savoie straight away, rather than wait till I’ve finished dealing with Tunisia. I can run the two in parallel, and have enough material on both to keep it going for a considerable time.

So, first up, I’ll introduce my hosts, Paul and Jess, who own the Hotel Aravis in St. Jean de Sixt. From there, they also run the tour company Karibuni ( which organises walking tours, ski-ing and mountain biking in the area. They offer cooking holidays, too. I’ll post about those later, because the catering arrangements really deserve a post to themselves. But, if you can’t wait to find out more, have a look at

Writing about St. Jean de Sixt must really put the ‘cliché police’ on red alert, so I’ll try not to wax too lyrical about the fairy-tale little village nestled in the lush meadows surrounded by the craggy peaks of the Aravis Mountains.

But, it’s still a working village, and, when you see the older farmhouses and chalets built in that traditional style, standing foursquare against anything the weather might throw at them, you’ll maybe see the reason that the powers-that-be decreed that newer buildings should be built in that style also.

The nearest convenient airport is over the Swiss border in Geneva; the handiest rail station is at Annecy. Paul or Jess will pick you up from either of these places … then, the fun will commence.


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  2. Sounds idyllic. Hope you are enjoying yourself.

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