Posted by: travelrat | September 17, 2008

Roman Video

I set out to do with this video the same as I do with my re-enactment photographs. That is, to crop out any modern intrusions, such as people, cars or English Heritage tape. Of course, with video, cloning stuff out isn’t an option. The only way is editing.

But, editing all the anachronisms out would leave me precious little footage, so I though … hey, I’m filming a re-enactment here, not making a movie.

The movie-makers can’t always get it right, anyway. I’ve yet to spot the guy in blue jeans in Gladiator, but I’ve seen many a cowboy wearing a wrist-watch, and contrails in the sky over Camelot! Or, if you want a real classic, how about Ice Cold in Alex? In the final frames, when Anthony Quayle is being hauled off to the local Stalag, you can clearly see a Land Rover parked in the background. And, the ‘Landy’ didn’t hit the streets until 1948!

Anyway, I’m off to France in the morning. The place where we’re staying has free wi-fi, so I should be able to put something up while I’m away. But, if there’s any problem, I’ll be back on Monday night … for a short while.


  1. That is awesome. What attention to detail. They really get into it, don’t they? Thanks for sharing it with us!

  2. There’s more to come, when I get around to editing it. Meanwhile, I have to dash. I have the dreaded ‘Terminal 5’ to negotiate … and I haven’t shaved or had breakfast yet!

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