Posted by: travelrat | September 3, 2008

The Charioteer

I make no excuse for continuing to post about the Roman re-enactors. I think you’ll see, from the photographs in my previous post, the painstaking hours that have gone into making the ‘Roman kit’ the re-enactors wear, and the hours of study into Roman military tactics and the general way of life they must have done. Certainly, they deserve more than a few short paragraphs.

I also mentioned the racing chariot that television’s ‘Time Team’ had excavated, and here’s video of the replica they built. The charioteer had to teach himself the techniques of driving four horses abreast, and that must have taken much research and hours of practice.

‘Ben-Hur’ it isn’t … one of the ‘Romans’ said that racing a chariot such as Charlton Heston drove in the film would be like driving an Army truck in a Formula 1 race!

And, there’s more video of the Romans to come, when I get around to editing it.

I had to mention this little pearl!

A young lady got on the bus the other day, wearing a very low-cut top, which revealed the name ‘Ashley’ tattooed on her left boob. The bus driver asked:

‘What’s the other one called?’

Quick as a flash, with a charming smile, the young lady replied:

‘That’s good! That’s the first time I’ve heard that one … TODAY!!’


  1. Why do women get names tattooed on their boobs? It’s crazy.

    I am LOVING the re-enactments!

  2. For attention no doubt—which that young girl obviously gets!
    Keith, you’re very good about posting regularly—I’ve got SOOO far behind! Oh well, can’t actually complain about all the travel, even in most of it was where I couldn’t get online.

  3. Just as you said that, my ‘big’ computer caught a nasty cold. I’m posting from the Public Library at the moment, and will try to put something up as regularly as I can … hopefully, I should get my computer back around the beginning of next week.

    I hope ‘Ashley’ is a permanent fixture … but maybe it’s HER name? If so, she’s lucky it isn’t Pat!

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