Posted by: travelrat | August 20, 2008

Re-enactors and Mosaic Makers

I’m just waiting for the weather to improve slightly before I go down to see the mosaic maker at Old Sarum, and, hopefully, get an interview with her and take some pictures. This is another piece of happy happenstance; at present, I’m working on an article about mosaics, following a visit to the Bardo Museum, which I’ll be posting about presently.

At the weekend, there’s to be a Roman re-enactment at the same place, and I’ll probably go down to take some more pictures. One of the challenges about photographing re-enactors is keeping anachronisms out of the picture. The first one I ever took was of a beautiful lady in mediaeval costume, accompanied by her son, a charming little boy dressed as a mediaeval page.

I was careful … I managed to exclude all the modern stuff, I thought … and it wasn’t till I got my pictures back that I saw the little brat was clutching a can of Pepsi!Now that we have Photoshop, that would be no problem, but back then, it was a disaster, especially as I was looking to publish it in a historical magazine.

But, sometimes, anachronisms happen, as below, and we can have a little fun with them.


  1. I love the pictures. I would love to go to a Roman re-enactment someday.

  2. I so want to hang out with King Arthur and the Knights. And I promise not to bring any Pepsi!

  3. Where are you, Urbangeek?

    If you’re in the UK, you’ll find details of a Roman re-enactment group at; a programme of events (not only Roman) at (click on ‘Events’)

  4. Why do I find your rant against this little child funny? Does that make me bad? Oh well.

  5. >> Does that make me bad? <<

    Not really … I suppose a lot of the fault is mine for not noticing. Nowadays, it’s not a great issue; I could easily take the can out electronically. But, in those days, I was shooting slide.

    But, normally, the re-enactors themselves police such things. If anyone wants to smoke a cigarette, or use a mobile phone or something, they do so out of the public gaze.

    On Sunday, a ‘Roman soldier’ told me about his 8 year old daughter who, after the show was over, refused an ice-cream until she’d changed out of her costume.

    Most of those re-enactors are dedicated!

  6. Hi Keith,
    I love the way the cops are standing, it sure does say something.
    What a disappointment it must of been to see the can of pepsi back then. But it’s all fun and I assume lesson learnt. 🙂

    • I did wonder if I’d spotted it, should I have asked him to hide his drink, or wait till he’d finished? But, it never arose again; most re-enactors police themselves pretty stringently. You just have to ‘clear your viewfinder’ to make sure there will be nothing inappropriate in your picture … although, these days, you can aways crop or clone it out.

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