Posted by: travelrat | August 15, 2008

Musical Fountain

I know! I know! …. I did say I wasn’t going to post any video from Tunisia because the short, silent clips I did manage weren’t very satisfactory. But then, the busking steel band I posted about earlier came back to Salisbury, and I was able to get some audio of their performance.

Then, the other day, my plans had to be cancelled because of rain … that’s happening a lot lately … and I didn’t have much else to do except watch yet another rerun of Only Fools and Horses (which was, actually, very funny the first ten or so times).

So, here we are … I hope you like it!

And, a piece of wisdom:

Maturity is when you no longer carry a comb with you at all times.

Old age is when you no longer need to.


  1. That is certainly the most musical fountain I have ever seen. Classic!

  2. I did say, didn’t I, that the music didn’t come from the fountain, but was added later?

    If I remember righly, what was played was mainly Strauss waltzes … but nice all the same!

  3. I love it! It’s so colorful.

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