Posted by: travelrat | July 28, 2008

A lazy Sunday in Tunisia


Port el Kantaoui, June 8th 2008


Today started dull and overcast, and it rained just after breakfast. At breakfast, a large number of Germans sat down at the same table. And greeted each other in the ritual fashion. ‘What a lot of Welsh people!’ said a lady at the next table ‘And, they’re all called Morgan!’ (She was joking, of course!)When the rain stopped, and enough blue sky appeared ‘to make a sailor a pair of trousers’ we walked the (alleged) 300 yards down to the hotel’s private beach. After we’d walked along the beach, different parts of which several hotels lay claim to, we returned on the free shuttle.

They call it a ‘tuk-tuk’ but I believe the Italians call it an ‘Ape’ (= bee!) … a sort of little truck, or very basic bus body, with one wheel in the front. It has a scooter engine, and is driven like a scooter.

In the afternoon, we went back down to the harbour to do some photography and filming. And shopping, of course! We had a Tunisian salad for lunch; this is a salad like anyone else’s, served with tuna … which probably came from a tin. I don’t think you can catch tuna in the Mediterranean. One of the great attractions of Port el Kantaoui is the musical fountain, which you can find … where else? … in the Place de la Fontaine, where we had our lunch. There’s a ‘recital’ every half-hour or so, and it’s illuminated at night.

Back at the hotel, we explored the extensive gardens and the two swimming pools, and had a coffee in the poolside bar.

Dinner at the hotel is pretty standard. There’s a buffet, where you can help yourself to starters; as much as you like. Then, there’s a main course, offering a choice of about three dishes, examples of which are shown at the entrance to the dining room … just in case you didn’t know what a lamb chop looks like!

Sweets, again, are buffet service, and most of them looked fattening, and extremely bad for your teeth. I was very good; I stuck to ice cream or fruit all the time we were there.

We weren’t impressed with the after-dinner entertainment, though. We had the choice of listening to a pianist who makes Les Dawson sound like Count Basie, and a singer who couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket.

I never did try the widely-advertised Irish Pub at the hotel. Hey, if I wanted an Irish pub … I’d go to Ireland.

Photographs … let’s see; beach, tuk-tuk or fountain? Oh, well! Let’s be generous ….!


  1. That tuk-tuk is cute. How does it handle on the corners? Ha ha.
    Also love the fountain shot – the whitewashed buildings in the background are quite striking.

  2. Ask any Italian farmer! They use these where they used to use donkeys.

    And, the fountain! You should see it when it’s lit up at night. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures, and have only poor-quality video, but I’ll try and see if I can rip a passble still from it later on.

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