Posted by: travelrat | July 23, 2008

The Bournemouth Eye

The Bournemouth Eye is just about the first thing you see in Bournemouth when you get off the bus from Salisbury. It’s worth making note; that’s what you head for when it’s time to catch the bus back. It’s a tethered balloon, which offers trips to those prepared to pay the fare, and who want to see Bournemouth from aloft.

But, for some reason, I thought of the Spinnaker Tower, in Portsmouth, where they relieved you of a princely six quid for a ride to the top. What’s up there? I asked. Great view of Portsmouth Harbour, they said.

‘And?’ I asked.

‘Well, that’s it, really!’

And since, in my previous existence, I’d seen Portsmouth Harbour from a helicopter flying at 250 feet, I passed!

I didn’t have time, anyway. Service No. 50, the Open-top Bus Ride to Swanage, which I’d come to check out, was just about to leave. But, more about that when I’ve got the video processed.

What I will say is that Bournemouth has rather an unfair reputation, of being rather a staid place, where retired Generals and former headmistresses go to die, and nobody under 60 lives there. That may have been true in the past, but it isn’t now. Or, so the Tourist Office tell me. One of the most effervescent, lively people I know comes from Bournemouth … but, maybe she’s not a good example; she lives in York now!

We did pass through some fairly opulent suburbs; the kind of places where, if you see a ‘For Sale’ sign, and have to ask how much, you can’t afford it. And, those suburbs included Sandbanks, which a TV programme claimed as some of the most expensive real estate in the country.

Oh, well! We can dream!


  1. My son would be up in the Bournemouth Eye in a flash and I would be in a state because I would need to go up with him because my hubby is even more afraid of heights than I am. Still, a great way to see the place.

  2. I’d love to fly in an airship, but I’m a bit doubtful about a fixed balloon … would you see any more than you would from the top of a tall building? Which I’d only climb to if I had other business at the top … say, a bar or restaurant; I really loved the ‘Window on the World’ in Cairo.

    Strange, really, because I’ve climbed many a mountain ‘to see what I could see’

  3. The bournemouth eye is just really as stunning as always, it really amazes me seeing that thing just don’t know why.

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