Posted by: travelrat | July 18, 2008

The Stonehenge Plan: Version 2.0

A while ago, I posted that the Stonehenge Plan, calling for a road tunnel past the Stones, and a new Visitor Centre in Amesbury had been dropped, even though a considerable sum had already been spent on consultations and presentations alone.

However, something needs to be done, and new, more modest plans have now been proposed. This involves complete closure of a short section of the A344 road, which runs almost through Stonehenge, and joins with the main Exeter road, the A303, close by. This is a particularly hazardous junction and, if using the A344, I usually use the Longbarrow Roundabout to join or leave the A303 anyway. It adds but five minutes to my journey, and it’s much safer.

The plan also calls for a new Visitor Centre; I thinl everyone agrees that something ought to be done about the incongruous Sixties nastiness in place at present. Several sites have been suggested for this, including, as a last resort, improving the existing site. There’s a three-month consultation going on about this, where the local people have been asked which site they prefer, and it’s hoped, if the plans are approved, and the new site speedily selected, everything will be complete for the Olympics in 2012.

Full details of the proposals can be found at .

And, the photograph? That’s a gentleman who styles himself King Arthur Pendragon, a senior Druid, who is into the fourth week of a protest in which he’s calling for the monument to be returned to its original state.


  1. He looks like King Arthur. Wonder where he got his gear from.

  2. There is a company than makes and sells mediaeval and other schmutter … they sent me a catalogue once, although my only connection with re-enactment at the time was writing about it.

    However, I spoke with members of an Iron Age re-enactment group called the Silures, and they said they preferred to make their own stuff, as ‘bought’ gear was usually machine-sewn, and didn’t look as genuine.

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