Posted by: travelrat | July 11, 2008

Knossos Article. Plans and the Mariloo Podcast.

In a previous existence … or so it seems … our department at a Command headquarters was responsible for exercise planning. The guy I shared an office with and myself both had sayings to do with planning pinned in a prominent place over our desks.

Mine said: ‘The best of plans seldom survive first contact with the enemy’ and his said: ‘The reason things aren’t going to plan is that there never was a plan’

Sometimes, I still feel that way. Take ‘Mariloo’, for instance. When I went down to Exbury for her inaugural run, I went armed with camera, camcorder and voice recorder. The plan was … I’ll post some pictures in my blog, but just put in a link to the video, as I’ve already embedded some footage of the Exbury Railway, and readers might be getting tired of it. Then, I’ll do a podcast.

The pictures went up all right, but, when I’d turned out the video, I changed my mind. It was, I thought, one of the best I’d ever made, so decided to embed it anyway, and forget about the podcast, as I’d used a lot of the recordings I’d made in the soundtrack of the video.

But then, yesterday, it poured down. The person I was due to meet cancelled, and, since ‘Plan B’ called for nice weather, I was left with nothing to do. So, the Mariloo podcast is at .

Another link for you is . It’s an account of our trip to Knossos, on Crete in 2005. I find anything to do with the eruption of Santorini fascinating, and can’t help wondering, if it hadn’t happened, would the Minoans had a greater influence over world affairs, and for how long?


  1. Going to listen to your podcasts now. I do enjoy them. That is a very interesting point about the Minoans. I wonder…..

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