Posted by: travelrat | June 25, 2008

Silly Sign … sort of

Since English isn’t the first language in Tunisia, I thought it might be a prolific hunting ground for Silly Signs. No such luck. The only one I saw was from a bus, and we were gone before I could photograph it.

We were passing through a Berber village, when I saw a restaurant promising ‘Authentic Barbaric Food’. Well, the two words come from the same root, anyway!

But, we didn’t have to stray far from food to finally find something. One night, we went to a ‘Traditional Tunisian Banquet’ where they served us wine. Now, although Tunisia is a Muslim country, alcohol is readily available, and, in fact, beer and wine are produced in country. Grapes for wine are grown in Tunisia, rather than them making their wine from imported grape concentrate, as they do elsewhere.

The centre of wine production is at Mornag, a little way to the south of Tunis. They produce reds, whites and rosés, and the result is … well, I wouldn’t go out of my way to seek any, but I’ll drink it if it’s offered.

I do think they might have been a little more careful with the name, though! As they used to say in the old movies:

‘Yhis is another Vin de Mess you’ve gotten me into, Stanley!’


  1. Barbaric food? Awesome.

    There was a restaurant in Thailand which menu offered a Shrimp or Crap Sandwich. A little lost in translation.

  2. Well, you know many Asiatics have problems with pronouncing B and P (Bombay, Italy or Bombay, India?) … I really enjoyed my plate of ‘Chili Crap’ in Singapore.

    They have trouble with D and T too … a couple we met in Singapore said they didn’t want to go to the Diwali celebrations ‘because of all the Germans’.

    What the guide actually said was that there would be ‘many CROWDS’ there!

  3. Hahahaha.

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