Posted by: travelrat | June 23, 2008

A Closer Look at Torrejon

Monfragüe 24th April 2008


Officially, on Vaughantown programmes, the time between the end of lunch and 5 pm is siesta time. Sometimes, I actually use it to do some ‘Egyptian Aerobics’, other times, to explore more, and maybe do some photography or filming.

Today, I went into Torrejon … and found the place deserted. It seems the good people of Torrejon like their siesta, too.

The main square, the Plaza Mayor, is very much a ‘work in progress’; there’s a lot of renovation going on, but even then, it’s more picturesque and ‘Spanish’ than it is around the rather ordinary by-pass.

It’s tempting to say the place looks rather shabby, but a better description might be ‘lived in’, as if it’s not intended primarily for tourists to gawk at. In fact, despite the proximity of a (reputedly; we never saw it) National Park, the ‘souvenirs’ in the one shop I saw selling them were mainly rather faded postcards.

Sorry it’s rather short this time, but I was setting the garden to rights most of the weekend … and, as I do every time I return from the Mediterranean, wishing I could plant frangipani or bougainvillea … which I don’t think would, alas, survive the winter frosts here.




  1. Your English “tutoring” just gets better and better! Love your blog and Alf enjoyed reading about Torrejon.

  2. I also enjoy your travel tales. Happy gardening!

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