Posted by: travelrat | May 28, 2008

Mariloo’s First Day -Video

Monday was a bank holiday. But, my wife was working, and had the car, it was pouring down and there was nothing on television. A sure recipe for cabin fever?

Not really; not when you have Windows Movie Maker and a large backlog of video clips to edit. My original plan here was first to make a podcast, then to make a video, because there’s already some video of the Exbury Railway on the blog.

But then, I remembered the instruction to the engineer when ‘Mariloo’ was ordered.

‘Make it the same, only different. Only, it must be blue!’

So, I thought I’d make the video ‘the same, only different’; I used sound-bites from my audio recordings on the sound track. I hope they worked; at least, it’s an improvement on listening to me blethering.


This morning, I was walking past an almost stationary queue of traffic. Now, although the traffic was hardly moving, I would have thought that right outside the police station was hardly the place to use a mobile phone at the wheel. And, when a policeman approached, and said ‘Do you know it’s an offence to use a mobile phone while driving?‘, the reply ‘You hum it; I’ll play it!’ is hardly the cleverest answer to give.

But, what really got me was … how does anyone so abysmally stupid get a job that pays enough to buy a late-model Audi Quattro?


  1. Love the video. And re. the Audi guy – stupidity often seems to reap its own rewards. I’ve seen it so many times in Sydney.

  2. I’m glad you like it … it’s my favourite of the ones I’ve done so far. Just shows what a day with nothing else to do can achieve!

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