Posted by: travelrat | May 26, 2008


Monfragüe 22nd April 2008


Tonight, we had the ‘queimada’ after dinner. I’ve mentioned the queimada before; it’s now an almost traditional part of a Vaughantown programme. It’s been described as a ‘poor man’s Flaming Lamborghini’, but it’s different in that you don’t drink it until the flames have gone out. 



The main constituents are lemon juice, coffee beans and a fiery spirit called aguardiente; I’ve got an idea they use it for filling their lighters and getting stains out of carpets as well as drinking. The results taste like … well, a good one tastes something like a mediocre fruit punch, and a bad one tastes like aviation fuel. 


But, the drink isn’t all that important. Like ‘Piping the Haggis’, the ceremony is the thing. That consists of candle light and incantations while the brew is being prepared. These are read out in a language called Gallego, with translations following in Spanish and English. 


Unfortunately, I couldn’t record the ceremony on this occasion. The automatic flash on the camera really drowns out the atmosphere, and if I disable it, there’s a considerable delay between pressing the button and the shutter opening. But, I’ll work out how to do it eventually. 


In the meantime, here’s some video of previous queimada ceremonies… but, unfortunately, the battery on my camcorder ran out before the English translation was given. I wonder if that incantation had anything to do with it?







  1. I don’t know if I’d really like the taste of it but I sure would enjoy the spectacular preparation ceremony. Aye carumba!

  2. I’ve never tasted a Flaming Lamborghini … I can’t afford it … but I suspect that, like the queimada, it’s better witnessed than experienced!

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