Posted by: travelrat | May 19, 2008

Torrejon el Rubio

Monfragüe 21st April 2008

It’s just been pointed out to me I’ve been spelling ‘Monfragüe’ wrongly … there is, I’m told, no T in it. But, I can’t be bothered to alter everything I’ve put up so far, or the title of the video I’m putting up shortly so I’ll just use the correct spelling from here on in.

We had a little drizzly rain today … sunny Spain, ha! … but, according to Sky News this morning, the country needs it.

My toothpaste tube reluctantly discharged a small bead of toothpaste and a lot of air, so I planned to use my free time to go into the village and buy some more. But, my first Spaniard, Pedro, needed to buy some things too, and suggested we walked into Torrejon el Rubio for our ‘one to one’. And, it was a good thing we took that route, for, when we got to the ‘Farmacia’, we found the assistant spoke very little English, and I didn’t know the Spanish for ‘toothpaste’

Initially, I wasn’t too impressed with Torrejon, but soon realised that we were actually on a sort of by-pass or ring road, and the Plaza Mayor, or main square, was a little bit off it.

Back at the hotel, during my free time, I discussed walks we might take later. There’s a waymarked trail leading to the National Park’ I learned. And, a yellow building with a red roof was pointed out to me. They breed bulls for the bull ring there, I was told. I refrained from cracking the joke about the owner being the biggest bull-shipper in Spain; it’s well old, and I might have had to explain it.

Maybe, it was suggested, there’s a path from the trail to the road about there, and we could do a circular walk? As it happens, there wasn’t … and, legal or not, no way was I going to cross fields full of fightin’ bulls!


  1. Avoid the bulls at all costs. They can move faster than you think.

  2. I once saw a sign while walking in the country:

    ‘If you can cross this field in 60 seconds … DON’T!
    The bull can do it in 45!’

    It’s a pity I don’t have a photograph … that would definitely have qualified as a ‘silly sign’!

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