Posted by: travelrat | May 12, 2008

Arrival at Montfragüe

Montfrague 20th April 2008

A big challenge was being able to say ‘Zumo de naranja’ like a Spaniard would. Mind you, the Spaniard might also have trouble with the translation ‘Orange Juice’. Actually, I don’t think that’s a really accurate translation. For me, orange juice comes in a waxed cardboard carton, and is stuffed with E-numbers, When I asked for ‘Zumo de naranja’, the man threw a few oranges into a liquidiser to make it on the spot.

And, this was in the Spanish equivalent of a ‘Little Chef’ !!

We stopped here on the way to Montfrague, where we arrived around lunchtime. It says the hotel is ‘just on the edge’ of the Montfrague National Park. This may well have been true if you brought a car with you, but a bit too far to walk, especially in the 50 minutes allowed for a ‘one to one’.

In the evening, we had our first ‘one to ones’, and with Gonzalo, my first Spaniard, I decided to check out an unpaved path to the south of the hotel. It was an unsurfaced track, bounded by drystone walls. It led us past field of horses, sheep and cattle, and I thought it might make a complete circuit of the hotel, but, three-quarters of the way around, we found the way stopped abruptly. The lane led into a field of sheep, entrance to which was barred by a metal gate and several strands of barbed wire.

So, we retraced our steps, but agreed it was a nice walk anyway.


  1. Gonzalo is the perfect name for a Spanish character in a novel. Sounds like you really enjoyed the trip.

  2. Actually, I thought of the little mouse with the big hat :).

    But, I agree … there are far too many Pedros and Panchos in fiction. What should Gonzalo be, though? The hero? The villain? The faithful manservant? Or, is that stereotyping too much?

    (I once toyed with the idea of writing a novel with a hero called Jasper, because, in just about everything I’ve read, Jasper is a bad guy!)

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