Posted by: travelrat | March 18, 2008

Hi, again and thanks!

Hello, everybody!

I’m back, and ready to resume blogging … and can I say a heartfelt thank you to everyone who left messages of condolence or sent email. It was much appreciated!

The next planned absence will be 20th-25th April, when I shall be in Spain again; I’ve also got tentative plans for Kefalonia in May and possibly a couple of days in Rome. The ‘big holiday’, we haven’t decided upon yet.

Last time, I promised video of the Zigzag Railway, and here it is! It’s a short ride, but still one of the best I’ve ever been on.




  1. It is an awesome ride. I love to go on it myself. Great video. Oh, and glad to have you back. Hope you are OK.

  2. I just HAVE to know… how are you able to go on holiday 50 billion times a year? I know going to other European countries is like me spending the weekend in Vegas, but you do serious trips. Can you adopt me?

  3. >>how are you able to go on holiday 50 billion times a year? <<


    1. Go places
    2. Write, take pictures, video and audio recordings of what you experience there
    3. Sell your work
    4. Use the proceeds to finance more travel; if you’re really good, you may get invites for free stays.
    5. Generally, we aim for one holiday a year on our own dollar; for weekend breaks, etc. the rest of the year, we look for deals, clip coupons etc … we’ve been known to get stays for pennies in the pound.

  4. Very sorry about your mother’s passing. Glad you’re back though. Looking forward to your reports on Spain!

  5. Thanks, Su-Lin!

    I’m looking forward to what you have to tell us about Thailand … I have been there, but can’t count coup for it, as we never got off the airport at Bangkok.

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