Posted by: travelrat | February 27, 2008



‘Be careful what you wish for’ says what I call ‘Granny Wisdom’. Sometimes, it’s right! Last week, I read what Selma had to say about the full moon ( I left a comment to the effect that, whenever there was a full moon, I’d wish for low cloud, because it would shine through my bedroom window … I don’t like drawing curtains … and keep me awake.Then, last week, there was a total lunar eclipse. I wanted to photograph it, but, before I went to bed, the TV weatherman said there was no chance it would be seen in this country because of the cloud. And, it had been gin-clear the previous two nights. At 3 am, the predicted time of the eclipse, I had to get up anyway, to go to the toilet, and took a quick glance out of the window. The weatherman was right!

My mind went back to … I think it was 1998?? … when a solar eclipse was visible from this country. A lot of people flocked down to Cornwall, which was the only place in mainland Britain from which a total eclipse could be observed, and found it totally socked in.

(My friend Richard got a good picture from his Nimrod maritime patrol aircraft, over the Irish Sea at the time, though)

Where I live, we saw a 98% eclipse, which I was able to photograph from my garden. There was a story (maybe urban myth??) that to point a camera directly at the phenomenon could result in the shutter mechanism getting melted. So, I piled on just about every filter I owned, which accounts for the strange colour cast.

They aren’t very good pictures (one of them looks positively Islamic!!) but it’ll be a long time before I get the opportunity to improve on them. But, maybe I’ll be able to photograph the next lunar eclipse, in 2010 ?


  1. I love these. The colour of the sky is amazing.

  2. That’s because of all the filters I had on the camera!

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