Posted by: travelrat | February 18, 2008

Jenolan Caves Video

Jenolan: 8th December 2007

It might be thought I’ve got things a little bass-ackwards here. I’m posting video of the free tour we took of the Devil’s Coach House and the Nettle Cave that we took on the second day. Reason is, when we visited the show caves on the first day, we didn’t want to go overburdened with kit, so we didn’t take the camcorder.

Another factor was I didn’t have time to go and get it from our room in the time available before the tour started.  But, when I made the video on the second day, I thought it would be ideal to give Kevin MacLeod’s Halls of the Undead ( another airing.

I’m going to make up a slide show of the still pictures we took on the first day, which I’ll post next week.

We’re still argu … I mean, discussing … where we want to go for our holiday this year. It’s got to be somewhere with something to interest both of us, but we’re thankful that our children are now grown up, and we no longer have to factor in their wishes, too.

If, though, you still have dependent children, you may find the ‘Traveling Mamas’ site ( ) useful. The site is mainly US-oriented; the Traveling Mamas are four American ladies, but, if you live elsewhere, the posts may strike off a few ideas.


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  2. I really enjoyed this. Have you ever sold any of your videos to educational publishers? I was just wondering because I think they’re full of handy info. My son has enjoyed quite a few of them.

  3. Me again. By the way, my son was wondering if there’s any chance you might be planning a trip to Antarctica some time this year as he has a school project due. (Only joking!) Hahaha.

  4. I wasn’t planning on Antarctica in the near future … but, if you hit ‘Zero and Back’ on my blogroll, Nancy Bevilaqua recently posted about her trip there.

  5. Thank you for that link. Very informative.

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