Posted by: travelrat | February 13, 2008

Durrington Dig Video

 A funny thing happened on Saturday morning. In the time it takes to brush my hair, make a cup of tea and answer the door to the postman, the blog got nearly forty hits … most of them on the posts about the ancient artefacts locally. Maybe someone was after information for a school project, or something?

Anyway, it reminded me that I promised to post some video about the Riverside Project at the Durrington Walls. The video needed a few finishing touches, but, with all my projects which arose in the meantime, it got put so far on the back burner, it almost fell off the stove.

But, it’s all done now, and, as they used to say on my favourite TV quiz show, without further ado …

Another good blog came to my attention recently. As you probably know, I’m a fan of ‘things Italian’ … Scuderia Ferrari, lasagne, Pavarotti, ice cream, Rossini, Sophia Loren, Fellini, one of the most rousing National Anthems I know and the lovely snuggly fleece top I bought in Venice. All these things more than forgive the Fiat Strada I once had, which was the biggest PoS I ever owned!

So, if you are an Italophile, too, boogie on over to 

(16/2/08) There’s another piece of Italiana over at


  1. So glad you are getting all those hits – you deserve it. I also love all things Italian. One day I am definitely getting a ride in a Ferrari, I can feel it!

  2. Did you know ‘Ferrari’ is Italian for ‘a worker in metal’ … or a Smith!

    But, wouldn’t you rather drive a 3-litre Ferrari than a 6-pint Smith?

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