Posted by: travelrat | January 30, 2008

Ten things, Babelfish and a Tiger

Tiger Moth, Dunkeswell

A bit of a mixture this time! The photo is a monochrome I took several years ago, and used my photo software to colour just the point of interest.

When there’s not much going on, and I’m not juggling with my photos, I often occupy myself while making a ‘ten list’. If I’m lucky, I can make a little money by selling it as a ‘filler’ somewhere’. But, very often, I can only think of nine things!


Ten Reasons for Climbing a Hill


  1. To see what you can see
  2. To imagine what you could see if the visibility wasn’t down to 5 yards
  3. You live at the top of it
  4. Your girl/boyfriend lives at the top of it
  5. Your favourite pub is at the top of it
  6. You want to ski/toboggan/ride a soap-box cart down it
  7. To get to the other side
  8. To adopt an air of superiority with anyone who hasn’t climbed that hill
  9. To obtain a few hours’ respite from a partner, relative or companion who ‘doesn’t do hills’
  10. Because it’s there.



A friend sent me some details of a narrow-gauge steam railway in the heart of France. My French is a little rusty, and I felt a bit lazy, so I ran it through Babelfish, and this is what I got:



Tourist Train

Between Langogne and Langeac
A line of 67 km, 51 tunnels, bridges and many viaducts and splendid landscapes.
July 1 at August 26, Wednesday and Thursday: departure of Langogne with 11H30 and arrived at Langeac with 12H55. Return: departure of Langeac with 18H16 and arrived at Langogne with 19H23.
Two other formulas are proposed: ” Train soil and inheritance ” and ” Train waters running “.

The last sentence, for some reason, reminds me of the song we used to sing about not using the ‘facilities’ while the train is standing in the station, to the tune of Dvorak’s ‘Humoresque in C’

But, that could just be the way my mind works!



  1. Another reason for climbing a hill :
    Playing ‘The Grand Old Duke of York’ with the kids!

  2. Or, you could roll your pace-eggs down it ….

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