Posted by: travelrat | January 25, 2008

I’ve Done the Ton!


It’s probably fortunate I didn’t know how to do it, but I wanted to open this post with the hymn ‘All People That on Earth Do Dwell’. Why? Because, in the ‘Ancient and Modern’ hymn book, that’s Hymn No. 100 … indeed, it’s sometimes known as the ‘Old Hundred’ … and this is my 100th post.

For Scots, the meaning is different. The ‘Auld One Hundred’ is the pub at 100, Rose Street, Edinburgh … where they serve a superlative plate of ‘haggis, wi’ neeps and tatties’. Tonight’s the night for such a dish, and, if you’re celebrating Burns Night tonight, have a dram for me!

When I put my ‘Silly Sign’ up the other day, I neglected to mention where I took the picture; it was at the International Festival of the Sea, in Portsmouth some years ago. I also snapped these two characters by HMS Victory. No, it’s not ‘the man himself’ … but he’s a damn’ good likeness, isn’t he? With not much happening around here, I was having a cruise around ‘Blogistan’ yesterday, and came across a couple that might be of interest … they’re by people I ‘know’ through the various bulletin boards and forums I frequent.

The first is, where Martha Barnette explores the origins and meanings of various words and expressions, but in a fun way. I got my favourite word … snollygoster … from Martha. But, you’ll have to visit her site to find out what it means. To read some damn’ good travel writing and see some excellent photography, I recommend a visit to

Finally, I must mention my friend Sue Walker (see . To raise money for the Salisbury Hospice, where her late husband, photographer Steve Day spent his last days, she intends to mark her 50th birthday by running in the Paris Marathon. Her blog at is a good, humorous account of how a lady who admits she hasn’t broken into a run since she was 14 years old is preparing for the event.

Sooner you than me, Sue! Even in my heyday, a half-marathon was my limit!


  1. Congrats on reaching the 100. May there be many more!

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