Posted by: travelrat | January 18, 2008

Some Birthday Thoughts

Yesterday was my birthday. I’m not saying how old I am, because these days, I don’t count birthdays, just celebrate them … although the actual party won’t be until June 17th; I prefer my parties outdoors, in Summer. But, if you want a clue, my birth date is the same as that of Muhammad Ali, the boxer … but, at our age Mr. Ali and I would both have difficulty in ‘floating like a butterfly; stinging like a bee’

It may be asked, in fact, with such a strong link to Muhammad Ali … why is there a George Foreman grill in my kitchen?

One thing I like about birthdays is my cards. They’re all from relatives and friends, unlike Christmas cards. With Christmas cards, it seems they come from everyone we’ve had a passing acquaintance with in the last ten years. For instance, I always had a Christmas card from my Boss, but only once have I had a birthday card. That was at a time when my Boss was also one of my oldest friends.

Birthday cards are personal; there’s none of the ‘Who the hell are Fred and Emma?’ that you often get at Christmas.

Quite a few people sent me those delightful animated e-cards by e-mail, and I only have one reservation about them. I can’t display them! But, you’ve seen the digital photo frame? Looks like an ordinary photo frame, but you load it with several of your pictures, and it displays them like a slide show. Maybe they could do something like this with e-cards?

Mr. Sony or Mr. Samsung, or whoever, if you’re reading this … don’t forget where you got the idea!


  1. Wishing you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Hope it was wonderful!

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