Posted by: travelrat | December 29, 2007


I just realised today is a ‘Significant Anniversary’. On the 29th December, 1997, I was just getting over a heavy cold, and preparing to go to the shop for some cigars, when I thought:

‘Hey, I haven’t had a smoke for three days; I don’t need one now!’

And, I haven’t smoked since! Another encouragement was the ‘infamous White House Cigar Affair’; I wrote a little poem about it at the time. (You can, if you wish, sing it to the tune of ‘Abdul the Bul-bul Emir’)

‘I’m done with tobacco; I’ve given it up/ And I have to thank Kenneth Starr./Don’t need patches or pills/I just think of old Bill/Smoking Lewinski’s cigar.’


  1. Good on you for giving up. I know how hard it is !

  2. I’m the world’s expert on giving up … I used to do it every three years or so! But, this time, it is for keeps … especially when the Doctor said the dread words ‘I don’t like the look of this! I’m sending you for a scan!’

    Fortunately, it turned out negative … but the waiting time turned out to be the worst, and longest six weeks I’ve ever had.

  3. A Brit who doesn’t smoke? Did Hell just freeze over? I’m totally kidding (I dated a Brit who didn’t smoke so I got the sexy accent AND fresh breath!). Major kudos to you. I’m sure your lungs are much happier now!

  4. I rarely get drunk in public, don’t have any tattoos, usually wear a proper shirt and don’t say ‘****’ in front of ladies, too!

    Aren’t I good?

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