Posted by: travelrat | December 23, 2007

Sydney Harbour Cruise

Sydney Harbour CruiseCaptain Cook

Sydney Harbour 3rd Dec 2007

We met ‘Captain Cook’ on the Circular Quay at Sydney … or, rather, a re-enactor, advertising ‘Captain Cook Cruises’, who were offering a harbour cruise. Now, we know Captain Cook Cruises; we sailed on their ‘Murray Princess’ paddle-boat on a river cruise on the Murray last year. (Video of this at ) And, I’ve long been an admirer of James Cook anyway. His is one of my favourite ‘farm boy makes good’ stories.

I had a word with him, and he turned out to have a good knowledge of Cook’s life and times, and was particularly interested that I’d visited ‘Cook Country’, around Middlesborough and Whitby.

We took the morning ‘Coffee Cruise’, in which a sail around the harbour was combined with ‘coffee-time’, in which coffee, muffins and Anzac Biscuits were served.

The guide pointed out where the ‘great and the good’ lived, and, usually, how much they paid for the place, making a sound a bit like the Hollywood Tour. She also pointed out where the nudist beaches were, and explained why most of them were so close to Naval facilities. (It’s a long story, and I might tell it sometime, if you have the patience!)

Of course, she gave facts and figures about the Harbour Bridge (I didn’t know the Anzac cap-badge is supposed to have inspired its design) and the Opera House. But, there are also several tranquil, unspoilt places within the Bay, which is hardly surprising … it is the biggest natural harbour in the world.

‘Captain Cook Cruises’ don’t only offer harbour and river cruises; have a look at their website at for their full range. And, they don’t copy Captain Cook who, after leaving Botany Bay, discovered the Great Barrier Reef the hard way, when Endeavour ran aground on it!

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