Posted by: travelrat | November 27, 2007

Loose Ends

Nea Kamini

I’m off to Sydney tomorrow night, so today’s going to be rather busy. First, I wanted to get Vivienne Mackie’s story up in ‘Guest Entries’ before I left. That’s ‘food for thought’ in more ways that one. You see, we often reject the food of other cultures … ‘Raw fish! Blecchh!’ …but, how many of us wonder if, say, the Japanese feel the same way about a steak-and-kidney pie?

Talking about ‘food for thought’, I also wanted to put up a link to a friend’s blog, for some thoughts about the recent cyclone that’s hit Bangladesh. I know it’s slid off the running order on the newscasts, but the devastation caused won’t go away as easily. Have a look at just realised we won’t be back for until a few days before Christmas, and, with so many friends in the United States and continental Europe, we need to do the Christmas cards before we leave. The Australian ones, we can take with us and post when we get there.

This time, though, I should be able to get at a computer, and blog occasionally. Not as often as I do at home; most of the time, I’ll be looking around and gathering material and pictures. But, the best will be entered in the ‘trip diary’ eventually.

I was hoping to finish the Durrington Dig video before I left, but it doesn’t look like I’m going to be able to. So, I’ll post a photo of the dormant (NOT extinct; it last erupted in 1950) summit crater of Nea Kamini, off Santorini. (Selma, this is for your son!)


  1. Thank you so much for that photo. It must have been an incredible experience just to stand there. My son’s reaction – ‘Coooool!’

    Have a safe trip to Sydney!

  2. I really need to know something… is traveling your job and if so, how do I get on the pay roll? I absolutely LOVE visiting new places, seeing the famous and not so famous sights, getting lost in a new country, tasting the foods, falling in love with a culture. You certainly do lead an extraordinary life.

  3. Hey, Pammy!

    I’m a travel writer, and there’s no easy way into it … and no one way, either! If you’re really interested, check out the bulletin board at … there’s lots of ‘how to’ information there.


    (from a wet and cloudy Sydney)
    Keith (Travelrat)

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