Posted by: travelrat | November 23, 2007

Honey and Ice Cream

Taormina, Sicily When I visited the World Travel Market last week, I visited the Sicily stand, and they gave me some little pots of their honey to try. This morning, I had some for breakfast.

How to describe it, though? I don’t like to use ‘delicious’. It’s an overworked word, and there’s someone I don’t particularly like, who reckons anything that isn’t ‘revolting’ is ‘delicious’. ‘Tasty’ and ‘more-ish’ sound like rather understating the case. Anything else sounds gushing and effusive, more like a ‘commercial’ than an article. Probably, that’s why I don’t write about food very much.

Anyway, I had the orange-flavoured honey, which had the pleasant effect of tasting like honey and marmalade at the same time. How did they do that? I wondered. Did they add the orange flavour to the honey, or did they just put the beehives in the orange groves? Anyone know?

I’ve always liked Italian food, and they say Sicilian food is even better. But, that’s just hearsay; the only Sicilian food I’ve ever had is ice cream. We called at Sicily while cruising on an Italian ship, and I remember thinking, how is it a country can make such superlative ice cream, but not produce a decent plate of bacon and eggs?

One of the coffee shops I frequent in Amesbury is the newly-opened Italian coffee shop, Café del Mondo. They have ice cream! I asked if this was Italian ice cream, and was told it wasn’t …but it was made by an Italian expat to an Italian recipe. I can hardly wait till summer.


  1. A friend of mine is a beekeeper in Victoria and she has made ‘orange blossom’ honey. I believe the hives are placed near the orchards when the blossoms are flowering. She sent me some for Christmas last year and it did taste like a melding of honey and marmalade. My niece said it was honey that both Winnie the Pooh and Paddington Bear would like!

  2. I suspected as much; I couldn’t see any other way of ‘adding flavour’ to honey. (Did you know, BTW, it’s the only food item there is that never goes bad?)

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