Posted by: travelrat | November 16, 2007

Spain in Mono

Like I said a couple of posts ago, we won’t be going back to Carriòn in the foreseeable future. Which is a pity, because I promised myself I’d take some mono film on my next visit.

But, they tell me that Monfragüe, where they moved next year’s venue to, will also have the combination of light, shape and texture that makes colour almost superfluous. To show what I mean, I’ve put together a slide show of pictures taken in the four villages in which I’ve done Vaughantown programmes so far … all of which have been ‘converted to greyscale’.


  1. You can actually see the texture on the bricks. Amazing!

  2. You really have to look beyond the colour, and see what else there is, especially in the Plaza Mayor images of La Alberca … I wish I could do window boxes and hanging baskets like that!

    What I think I achieved there is, in spite of the people and cars in the picture, a sense of timelessness.

  3. You did achieve a sense of timelessness. Gorgeous shots!

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