Posted by: travelrat | November 14, 2007

World Travel Market

Autumn Leaves

I say it every year around this time. ‘I’ve got sore feet; I’m tired; I have a heavy bag to carry and a long train journey home! This is just a ruddy brochure-collecting exercise; I’m not going next year!’

I’ve been saying that for the last twelve years … but, every year, I’ve still attended the World Travel Market.

They used to hold the Market at Earl’s Court, but a few years back, they moved to the ExEl Cetre in London’s Docklands. If the weather’s nice, I usually get off the train at Canning Town, and walk the last mile or so, to take in the views, especially of the Millennium Dome.

ExEl is right by the riverside, and a couple of years or so, the Irish Tourist Board scored a great coup. They persuaded the Irish Navy to send over one of their frigates, INS Niamh, to tie up alongside, and distribute copious amounts of Bailey’s, Irish coffee and Guinness to their guests.

I spent a lot of time talking to representatives from Cyprus, Spain and many Greek islands in search of material for the coming year … and trying to politely refuse Press kits for places in which I had no interest.

Plus, of course, distributing business cards copiously … I hope some of them bear fruit. And, checking for Press tags in case of meeting someone whose name I knew, but whose face I didn’t.

When I stopped by the Press Centre for a cup of coffee, I met several friends, one of whom referred to ‘The World Cattle Market’. I wonder if that was a slip of the tongue?

This was the reason the Travel Diary was a little late this week! The photograph was taken last week at the Baptist Church, about half a mile from where I live, and was included for no other reason than it’s a nice picture!


  1. Trust the Irish Navy to send over a frigate full of booze!

    You seem so busy. I admire your motivation.
    BTW, I like the pic – the leaves are beautiful colours. When I see colours like that which are naturally occurring I just stand back and go WOW!

  2. We were lucky with the colours this year … I think it’s to do with a combination of the rainfall in summer and the earliness or lateness of the first frost.

    And the type of tree, of course … maples are always glorious!

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