Posted by: travelrat | November 13, 2007

Carrion Video and Zoilo wrap-up

 Carriòn de los Condes: 4th October 2007

Here’s the last of the Spanish video I took this year. I was rather pleased with this one; between uploading it, and checking it a bit later, to see if it had gone live, it got 23 views and won an ‘honour’.

Sadly, though, I won’t be able to get video of the market in Carriòn de los Condes next year. I heard from the Vaughantown people that they won’t be doing any more programmes at San Zoilo, and they switched the one I’d booked for in April to a place called Monfragüe, near the Portuguese border.

It was a good programme, and I have to take my hat off to Dade Freeman, our MC, who produced the only drinkable queimada I’ve had to date, which caused me to take back all the rude things I’ve said about it in the past. He did have problems setting the brew on fire, though!

And, there was the excellent tapas party arranged by the Spaniards at the Chammfix in Carriòn on Thursday night … at which a visiting couple from South Wales were absolutely bemused to hear English being spoken in the heart of Spain. They nearly fell though the floor as I was leaving, and wished them ‘Nos da!’

Unfortunately, I was out when my 3000th visitor stopped by. Thanks very much, No. 3000, and equal thanks to the other 2999 visitors! I do know he, or she came in by doing a search on the Débod Temple … and guess the subject of the article I’m working on right now!


  1. Congrats on the response to the video. I really enjoyed it. Another place to add to my ‘must visit’ list. 3000 visits to your blog. Woo Hoo!!! Brilliant news.

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