Posted by: travelrat | November 5, 2007

Carriòn de los Condes

PlazMayor, Carriòn de los Condes

 Carriòn de los Condes 3rd October 2007

Five minutes from San Zoilo, across the river, lies the town of Carriòn de los Condes. Overlooking the river is a church on a low bluff, and, even if you aren’t into churches, you can go up the steps to it, and enjoy a really good view of the river and the wooded park alongside it.

The town itself is a hodge-podge of whitewashed houses, roofed with red tiles, interspersed with a few modern houses, office blocks, shops and warehouses, mainly on the outskirts. In the middle of all lies the main square, the Plaza Mayor, from which little alleys, passages and arches radiate.

Thursday is market day, but the market is held, not in the Plaza Mayor, but in several of the little subsidiary plazas in the town. And, it’s only held on the Thursday morning. During my free time in the afternoon, I returned with a video camera, and found the market had disappeared without trace.

Certainly a far cry from an English market, where the ‘traces’ of its passing usually remain for a couple of days afterwards.

What you see everywhere is the cockle-shell emblem of St. James … on fountains, buildings and decorating the statue of the pilgrim as well as the waymarks set into the paving stones, the show the direction the Camino de Santiago takes through the town.


  1. Sounds wonderful – you describe it so well!

  2. There’s some video coming up in the next entry!

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