Posted by: travelrat | October 31, 2007

Print on Demand

If you have just written your first book, it’s very difficult to get an established publisher to take an interest in it. Several writers have, in the past, reverted to ‘vanity presses’, which, for a fee, will print the book. But, publicity and distribution are down to you … and many writers have spent much money on a pile of books taking up space in the garage because they can’t sell them.

The way to go could be PoD, or ‘Print on Demand’ publishing. That way, the publisher only prints books as they are ordered, and he’s not risking so much. Maybe a writer will be asked to pay the modest ‘set-up fee’, but sometimes this will be waived.

And, the book can be publicised fairly cheaply by putting details on the publisher’s website, where there’s often a sample extract, and if he likes what he reads, the customer can order the book online.

Now, it may be thought that, if an author cannot attract the attention of a mainstream publisher, then the work is probably of poor quality. Nothing could be further from the truth. Have a look at:

Tales from a Greek Island

by Roger Jinkinson: The Racing House Press £8.95 ISBN 1 84327 997 5

I only read a few words of the sample chapter on the website ( before I decided shelf space must be found for this book, alongside the works of Lawrence Durrell and Patrick Leigh Fermor.And, the book lived up to every expectation. Each chapter is really a story in itself, so you can pick it up, and delve into it at random, as bedside reading, if you wish. And, what stories! Tales of fishing, of bee-keeping, diving and ‘the village’ in particular. ‘The village’ isn’t identified, presumably to preserve its ‘unspoilt’ ethos, but it doesn’t take too much detective work to find it.

Twenty-five years of experience, of living in the village, and really getting to know the villagers have all combined with some excellent, descriptive writing to give a great flavour of Greece as it used to be … and, if you know where to look, in a few isolated places … it still is!


  1. What a great writer! His love for the place is evident. It stinks that he had trouble getting published. The state of the industry is mad at the moment – they only seem to be interested in tell all books by celebrities or the next Da Vinci code. So glad he went down the POD route.

    I would love to go to Greece one day. I fell in love with it after reading Charmian Clift’s wonderful books. Maybe one day….

  2. >> Charmian Clift’s <<

    I’ll have to look her out!

    Really, I think the time is definitely overdue for more books on Greece and the islands, because, good as Durrell and Leigh Fermor are, they are rather dated.

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