Posted by: travelrat | October 24, 2007

Mainly Books and Writers

george.jpg George East

Since their introduction, I’ve been a bit sceptical about ebooks. They’re a good idea, I thought, but they need a really user-friendly ‘reader’ before they really catch on. But, I did spend the other evening curled up in my armchair with my laptop, an ebook and a glass of wine and the experience wasn’t bad at all.

But, I still wouldn’t take my laptop down to the beach, and leave it unattended while I went for a swim!

The book I was reading was Writing About Travel for Fun and Profit by Helen Leggatt, and it’s good! Maybe it’s a bit short on how to present your work, and the actual writing, but there’s lots of excellent stuff about how to present yourself, and the kind of material editors are seeking. More importantly, she emphasises that it’s not all about exotic beaches, first-class accommodation and spa treatments on someone else’s dollar. And, lays it on the line that there’s no instant riches for a simple account of ‘What I did on my Holiday’

Best of all, it’s FREE! To download it, click on ‘Brit in the Boonies’ on my blogroll, and you’ll find a link. Or, you can go to

While we’re on the subject of books, you may notice a new link on the blogroll called ‘George East’. George is a friend of mine, and a prolific author. He spent ten years living in Normandy and produced seven books about his experiences …all, at the same time, droll, humorous and observant essays on life in the backwoods of Normandy.

He’s presently in Brittany, working (he says) on his latest opus. The link is to his new website, telling about himself, his lifestyle and his books, which he publishes under his own ‘La Puce’ imprint. Definitely worth a visit!


  1. Thanks for the tips – I’m going to check them out!

  2. Hi Keith,
    I remember you telling me about George before—sounds like a great character.
    I will also try Helen’s book—haven’t been able to download it so far, but will keep trying.
    While on the subject of people, didn’t Mike K-H start a blog too? Do you have the link?

  3. Yes … if you click on ‘Look at France’ on the blogroll. Mike’s got the ‘Guest entries’ this time around, too.

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