Posted by: travelrat | October 19, 2007



I must say that, after the England soccer team’s 2-1 loss in Russia, the papers were remarkably restrained. Only one carried a banner headline, calling for the England manager to be publicly gibbeted. The rest restricted their fulminations to the sports pages, where they belong. But, I wonder if the match could have been overshadowed by the Rugby World Cup Final on Saturday. To be brutally honest, if I was going to put money on it, it would go on South Africa. But then, a month ago, who would have given a brass wazoo for England’s chances of reaching the Final? Strikes me they won’t go down without a fight … and it’s not beyond the bounds of possibility they could win! Sometimes, it seems everyone’s talking rugby these days. I had a conversation in the coffee shop only this morning.

‘You used to play, then?’

‘Yeah! Second row’

‘I thought so! You look as if you were a pretty useful forward in your day’

This contradicts my wife’s opinion that I couldn’t have been very good, because I still have both ears. I do wish he hadn’t included those last three words, though!

So, the Rugby World Cup on Saturday, and the Brazilian Grand Prix on Sunday. Looks like quite a busy weekend!

Soccer is a game for gentlemen played by hooligans.

Rugby is a game for hooligans played by gentlemen. (Unknown)

PS (21/10/07): Never mind, lads! You gave it your best shot & have nothing to be ashamed of. Good game!


  1. We daren’t even utter the ‘R’ word in our house, so stunned are we that neither the Wallabies nor the All Blacks made it to the final. We can’t understand it and think the only answer is that we’ve been transported to a strange and unforgiving parallel universe!

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